Have you lost your Dodge Car Key and looking for emergency assistance? We’ve got you covered.

If you need a new Dodge key replacement service, need your ignition supplemented, lost or mangled your Dodge key, need a Dodge trunk or door lock re-keyed or even to re-flash your Dodge ECM you are in the right web page. Locksmith for Auto have made a sizeable investment in abounding types of dodge keys made apparatus in order to be able to cut and decode Dodge chip and metal blade keys. We were the first auto-motive key-smith in the Houston area to procure Dodge programming tools, likewise the proficiency to re-code ECU on remarkably all Dodge motor vehicles.


Dodge Car Key Replacement in Houston, we come to you.

When you own a new or used Dodge car we understand that you use it a lot. So we provide you professional automotive locksmith car key service at our service point, making sure your car stays in its best condition. The experienced service locksmiths technicians here at Magnet Locksmith to unlock your door, replace your key, change your locks, repair your ignition 24 hour specially in case of emergency service. Do not worry if you have lost all your keys, we can still program you a new key to your car. The dealers will tell you that you need a new ECU box, locks and ignition barrel. This is not true and we can make a new set keys for your car whilst rendering the old keys useless.

Dodge Car Key Replacement Services

  • Dodge Lost Car Keys
  • Dodge Ignition Switch Repair
  • Dodge Remote Repair
  • Dodge Door Opening
  • Broken Key Removal
  • Dodge Lock Repair
  • Dodge Emergency Lockouts
  • Dodge Spare Car Keys
  • Reprogram Lexus Chip Keys
  • Dodge Key Fob Replacement
  • Dodge Ignition Replacement
  • Extraction of Lexus Car Keys

About Dodge

Dodge is an United States auto manufacturer assembled in 1900 as a car parts corps that started to build entire cars in 1925 and currently branded as Chrysler’s mid-priced minivans, performance auto-motives and badged sport utility automotives. old Dodge styles accept typical metal keys, since 1998 began to adopt General-Motors V.A.T.S/PASS keys with transponder chips that was effortlessly copied by an onboard procedure (only if you have two existing keys which are already programmed). If all keys are missing, a new transponder key needs to be constructed, and the automobile needs to be affiliated to diagnostic compiling apparatus. In 2004, Dodge introduced keys witj the remote built in the cap of the key and in 2008 established to use smart remote FOBIK keys and keyless entry based on the Keyless Enter-N-Go infrastructure and In 2011 Dodge introduced a new pushbutton-start and proximity fob on part of designs that is independent than the Fobik design.

Dodge Car Key Replacement Models:

We service all Dodge Models, and no car is too old or new, for us to assist you! From the oldest to the newest Dodge Models. lost Dodge keys and keyless remotes.

  • Dodge¬†Avenger
  • Dodge¬†Caliber
  • Dodge¬†Challenger
  • Dodge¬†Charger
  • Dodge¬†Dakota
  • Dodge¬†Durango
  • Dodge¬†Grand Caravan
  • Dodge¬†Journey
  • Dodge¬†Magnum
  • Dodge¬†Nitro
  • Dodge¬†Ram 1500
  • Dodge¬†Ram 2500
  • Dodge¬†Ram 3500
  • Dodge¬†Sprinter 2500
  • Dodge Sprinter 3500
  • Dodge Viper

If you don’t see your model, it’s totally fine, just call us at¬†(713)-319-4149¬†and we will help you with your issues.

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